RKW, a hugely successful property management company, has worked with Matrix 2 on numerous projects over several years. Having developed their current corporate positioning and website, Matrix2 was hired to help define their core values.

As RKW experiences fast growth, hired more employees and expanded into multiple markets, the need for a unified internal sell-in became more clear. Expanding on the company’s tagline “Expert People Exceptional Places” Matrix2 created a rallying platform of “Pride of Place”, followed by a comprehensive set of “five essential truths” that define the shared voice and aspirations of the company. These, paired with imagery of employees and team events add a human, engaging and inspired element to the corporate face of property management.

This corporate positioning, integrated into RKW’s website, but also adopted internally, has been beneficial for hiring, on-boarding, and guiding company best practices. As the company continues to grow, the concept infuses a winning spirit and profound sense of ownership for all in the RKW sphere.

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