A New York developer approached Matrix2 to develop an identity and marketing materials for the leasing out of Metro Mall, a reimagined upscale jewelry center in the heart of downtown Miami.

Keeping the focus on high-end jewelry, the concept of “Adorning Miami” was developed. The idea is that Metro Mall will not only cater to the area’s market with an elevated mix of retailers and repair services, but will also be a shining part  of the vibrant renaissance currently happening in the downtown core. Imagery and copy that highlight the developer’s architectural vision are integrated with messaging that promotes the dynamic aspects of the property location.

The completion of the website and the release of a digital ad campaign was the launch for the leasing program for the complex. The outreach generated a great many requests for information and there was a high rate of conversion. Within the first couple of months, 40% of Phase I was leased.

1903 NW 97 AVENUE, MIAMI, FL 33172