ID Flagler Village

ID Flagler Village is a 24-unit multi-level townhome rental community that represents the first of its kind in the Flagler Village location of downtown Fort Lauderdale. At the request of the developer Ceiba Groupe, the agency was tasked with not only the development of an identity for this individual community, but for a brand name that could be used to represent the client’s communities when located in urban infill locations throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties, with plans to expand to additional South Florida markets.



From the input sessions with the developer and in-depth research of the existing marketplace in terms of product, price point, location, and consumer demographics, we determined that the product was unique and each resident would be part of the diverse multicultural landscape of the urban neighborhood it served. From this research and creative direction, we developed the name ID. Each unit and its space spoke to the individuality of the owner, and the residence was their landscape to decorate, design and develop according to their own individual expression. Whether you were a senior, pre-retiree/retiree couple looking for space for entertaining friends or a young, single professional who worked from home and wanted to create a design/painting studio in one of the spare bedrooms, each home allowed for the individual expression of the person/people living there.

From the brand perspective, ID was a name that could be used with that same concept in mind, no matter the location. The premier location in Fort Lauderdale was 35% leased in the first month.



1903 NW 97 AVENUE, MIAMI, FL 33172