Dauer Manufacturing asked Matrix2 to brand and market a new product launch that included customized interior lamps and
complementary wall art panels designed by a curated group of international artists.

The agency developed the name “Artemix”, alluding to a hybrid mix of art and functional design, to give the collection a
unique identity. A website, product brochure, and direct mail pieces were all seamlessly developed, appealing primarily
to interior designers to introduce to their clients and the general market. Product imagery was creatively retouched into
muted interiors to emphasize their color, geometric form, vibrancy and artistic expression. The marketing is primarily
visual. Online, minimal copy outlines each of the collection’s design inspiration.

As the product line is introduced to the market, the website provides a portal for the general market to purchase through
Wayfair and Links to design consultants provide additional assistance for customization, an added feature
to the design collection.

1903 NW 97 AVENUE, MIAMI, FL 33172