To commemorate its 45th Anniversary, Miami-Dade’s African Heritage Cultural Arts Center desired to evolve their positioning in the community while refreshing their brand.

To instill a sense of optimism, pride and empowerment, the agency developed a platform of headlines using “I CAN”–letters embedded in the word “AFRICAN”. Using 3 of their branded colors, these phrases pop, inspire and set the tone for the client’s community outreach and marketing, always relating back to their logo. Paired with a vast library of performance and workshop images, the overall campaign has a genuine, personable and “homegrown” quality that resonates with the Center’s mission.

The messaging was created to have a long shelf life and staying power. Some elements were designed to be “evergreen”, while others easily templated to carry into future seasons, where our client can easily update themselves. AHCAC will then revisit for their 50th anniversary year.

1903 NW 97 AVENUE, MIAMI, FL 33172